Waymo in China

Waymo, a spin-out Google self-driving project, opened a subsidiary in Shanghai according to the information in China’s National Enterprise Information Publicity System. It was registered in Shanghai’s free trade zone with 3.5 million yuan. Its Chinese name is Huimo (慧摩), a similar pronunciation of its English name.

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hot Summer x unusual Typhoon

Typhoon Jongdari 201812 track

Summer is a fireworks season in Japan. Tokyo usually will hold nearly 100 fireworks festivals from July to August. Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival is one of the most famous shows in Tokyo. It launched about 20,000 fireworks. Approx. 1 million people enjoyed this show. However, it almost ruined by the typhoon Jongdari last week. Jongdari craved an unusual counter-clockwise trajectory. It moved from the southeast to the west of Japan and hit Japan twice. Then, Jongdari went to China and made landfall over Shanghai. Continue reading “hot Summer x unusual Typhoon”