Safety is First

SAE Automation levels via DoT report

Safety is a key topic for self-driving vehicles. 94% of U.S. crashes involve human error [1]. 37,461 deaths in the road accident in the U.S. in 2016 [2]. People believe self-driving car technology can help reduce the road accidents and save millions of lives per year worldwide. However, self-driving technology is still in developing phase. It has limitation and could not be as perfect as people wish. Continue reading “Safety is First”

Aptiv Bet on Autonomous Driving

Aptiv prototype car in CES 2018 via Aptiv

Aptiv is a new name for many people, but Delphi is different. On Dec 5th, 2017, Delphi spun off its powertrain business and reappeared with its new brand name, Aptiv, which is focused on electrification and autonomy. Soon, Aptiv and Lyft had a cooperation and provided automated driving taxi service at Las Vegas in CES 2018. The self-driving route in Las Vegas was fixed and developed by Aptiv in 2017, including cities street and highways. CES 2018 was the first show of Aptiv after changing its name from Delphi.

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