Japan’s New era Reiwa

On 1st, Apr 2019, Japan unveiled the name of the nation’s new era as “Reiwa”. It contains the expectation of anesthetic and peaceful era. Era name is a long historical tradition from China. However, China doesn’t use it anymore. Japan adopted this ear name system during the reign of Emperor Kotoku. Reiwa is the first era name which is not cited from Chinese classic literature but Japan’s own classic literature Man’yoshu.

The following are the basic knowledge about Reiwa.

Q1: What’s the meaning of “Reiwa”?
A1: According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, English translation of Reiwa is set as “Beautiful Harmony”.

Q2: What’s the Chinese character of “Reiwa”?
A2: As the picture shows, “rei” is the first character ” ” and “wa” is the second character””.

Reiwa Ojisan, Yoshihide Suga

Q3: Who is the decision maker of era name?
A3: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his cabinet member make a decision from the proposal of the council of era name. Naruhito, the new Emperor of Japan was informed of the era name from Shinzo Abe.

Q4: What’s the principle of selecting the era name?
1. Never used
2. Two characters
3. Easy to read and easy to read
4. Have a good meaning which is suitable as a national ideal.

Q5: How many drafts do they have?
A5: Totally six including Reiwa.

Era name drafts

Q6: Is there any impact after new ear name?
A6: We had a ten days holiday in the golden week this year. : )

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