Live with Disasters in Japan

On September 4, Typhoon No. 21 made landfall in Japan Kansai area, which is considered to be the strongest typhoon in the 25 years. The following video is a summary taken by people in Osaka.

The tree was easily uprooted by the wind; the roof was blown away; the track was rolled over in the road; scaffold was collapsed in the wind. You can notice that a pizza delivery man still worked on such a day. It just like commit murder that order a pizza in a typhoon landfall day. Even though people know it’s dangerous outside previously, as far as the company did not announce a reset notification they have to go to the company.

A ship smashes into Kansai International Airport bridge, which is a manmade island linking the airport with mainland. [1] This ship is called Houn Maru. It had been anchored in the bay, but was still swept towards the bridge and damaged the bridge including the sole road and train railroad. There were nearly 5,000 people left on the airport until September 5. Since the bridge is the only one way to commute with the mainland, Kansai airport was unable to fully function after the typhoon. In 2017, there were 28.8 million passengers used Kansai airport. The passenger number would be impacted by this typhoon accident. However, Kansai airport can’t give an estimation of the influence. On September 8, Kansai airport partially resumes domestic and international flights.

When typhoon left Kansai area, a M6.7 earthquake struck in southern Hokkaido, Japan on September 6th. This earthquake caused many roads impassable since roads were blocked by debris from landslides. It also knocked out power to 5.3 million residents. There was damage to the biggest thermal power station in Hokkaido, which supplied nearly 2.9 million households.

It was a bad week for Japan.

[1] Ship smashes into Kansai airport bridge as typhoon hits Japan

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