Aptiv Bet on Autonomous Driving

Aptiv prototype car in CES 2018 via Aptiv

Aptiv is a new name for many people, but Delphi is different. On Dec 5th, 2017, Delphi spun off its powertrain business and reappeared with its new brand name, Aptiv, which is focused on electrification and autonomy. Soon, Aptiv and Lyft had a cooperation and provided automated driving taxi service at Las Vegas in CES 2018. The self-driving route in Las Vegas was fixed and developed by Aptiv in 2017, including cities street and highways. CES 2018 was the first show of Aptiv after changing its name from Delphi.

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Google Duplex: An Amazing AI System

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO announce the most important google product update at Google I/O 2018, including Android P and google application sets. Gmail gets the smart compose to help us write messages faster. Google Lens has the ability to match the object style. Google News now understand the full story of the news and support the news sources you love. But the most stunning part in the first-day keynote is a Google Assistant demo.

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