Lethal AI Weapon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can’t solve all problems, but the impact of AI is life-change. AI will be surely an area that changes the way we live. Also, AI will play a role in the military area. The Pentagon had already got serious about AI weapons. It’s no longer theoretical. Continue reading “Lethal AI Weapon”

Trade War: An Eye for An Eye and A Tooth for A Tooth

On Jul 6th Friday, a U.S. cargo ship, Peak Pegasus carrying 70K tonnes soybean got the attention of China’s social media when it’s steaming toward Dalian at full speed. It is expected to arrive in Dalian on Friday morning before China impose 25% tariffs on imports from the U.S. Peak Pegasus could avoid a 25% tax, around $6 million, if it rushed to complete customs declaration before July 6.

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Battery War, A New Red Sea

The end of oil age is happening very quickly. Major European and Asian countries are racing to phase out gasoline and diesel cars. The U.K said in July that it would ban sales of new internal combust engine cars by 2040. France government also said that it wants to end sales of gas and diesel-powered vehicles by 2040. Norway had planned a clear target that all new passenger cars sold in 2025 should be zero-emission vehicles. Although it still has a great uncertainty that electrical vehicles replace internal combust engine cars by 2040, the tread and idea of EVs which become clearer and more popular.

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