N-Nose for Cancer Screen

Fig.1 All Cancers (C00-C97 Excl. C44), Average Number of New Cases per Year and Age-Specific Incidence Rates per 100,000 Population, UK, 2014-2016[1]

Cancer is a severe disease. People have a great chance to get cancer as age growth. Age positively impact on the cancer cases. According to the study of the average number of new cases per year and age-specific incidence rates in the UK from 2014-2016 (Fig.1), adults aged 50+ account for nearly 89% of all new cancer cases. People aged <50 account for about 10% of all new cancer cases in the UK(2014-2016).  The number of cancer cases is primarily distributed in adults aged 50+, which is almost nine times than people aged less than 50 cancer cases. Therefore, cancer shows correlated with age.

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