DMP: a Map Company for Self-driving

The high precision map is a must for L3 and above autopilots. OEM and map company are working together toward launching L3 autopilots car in 2020. High precision 3D map market is rapidly developing now since it is necessary for the realization of autonomous driving. Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd., (DMP), is a leading map company for automated driving in Japan.

DMP was established in June 2016 with Zenrin, Pasco Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation as the incorporators. DMP has got the support from Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) which is a public-private partnership between the Japanese government and 19 major corporations in Japan. INCJ is the major shareholder of DMP. Japan automobile companies such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan totally 10 Japan OEM also joint invested DMP.

DMP plan to complete 30,000km 3D map data for Japan domestic highways and automobile-dedicated roads by FY2018, although it’s only about 2.5% of total length of road in Japan which is nearly 1.2M km. DMP positively cooperates with road maintenance companies to update its data. But DMP is almost impossible to cover all road 3D data alone.

They are seeking the cooperation with local government in the future. DMP tries to get the data in areas with high utilization rates and densely populated area. Then, they will expand to the whole country.

DMP also target ordinary roads overseas except Japan. DMP had finished the demonstration in US-101 in Silicon Valley, California. U.S. In Feb 12nd, 2019, DMP acquired Ushr Inc. which is also a provider of high-definition road map in North America.[1] Ushr’s map was integrated in GM’ super Cruise in the 2018 Cadillac CT6 which has the first hands-free advanced driver assistance system in the highway.[2]

[1] Dynamic Map Platform Agrees to Acquire Ushr
[2]The Laser Maps Behind Cadillac’s Superb Self-Driving Skills

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