Japan’s New era Reiwa

On 1st, Apr 2019, Japan unveiled the name of the nation’s new era as “Reiwa”. It contains the expectation of anesthetic and peaceful era. Era name is a long historical tradition from China. However, China doesn’t use it anymore. Japan adopted this ear name system during the reign of Emperor Kotoku. Reiwa is the first era name which is not cited from Chinese classic literature but Japan’s own classic literature Man’yoshu.

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Huawei: A Company in the Trade War

Recent, there are many news around Huawei.

11/23 Washington Asks Allies to Drop Huawei [1]
11/28 New Zealand blocks Huawei imports over ’significant security risk’ [2]
12/1 China, MengWanzhou and Canada — how Huawei CFO’s arrest is playing out behind the scenes [3]
12/7 BT removing Huawei equipment from parts of 4G network [4]
12/8 Japan set to say no to Huawei tech [5]

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