2019, A Start of a New Era

We still have half a month that 2019 will be over. A lot of things happened this year.

A Good News
Yesterday late night, Chinese officials announced that a Phase One agreement had been reached. Soon, President Trump announced on Twitter with the same message. He also mentioned that negotiation on Phase Two of the deal would begin immediately rather than after the 2020 election.

“No one is very happy, which means it’s a good compromise.” Tyrion said in “Game of Thrones.” The line could just also be applied to the U.S and China trade war, which after nearly two years between increasing tariffs, stock price plunge, and global economic slowdown. It’s still too early to judge the ending. At least, U.S and China drawback the penalty tariff set for December 15th. This news has helped many people relax their breath finally at the end of the year.

We are living in a significant moment in history. 2019 could be the start of a new era. Some people said 2019 is the worst year in the last ten years, but it may be the best year in the next ten years. I have already felt the influence, at least in the aspect of the slowdown global economy. However, life is continuing. We need more courage and strength to face the challenges in 2020 which are exactly in front of us.

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