E-Fuels: Driving the Transition to a Sustainable Future

In the context of increasing global climate change and energy security, there is an urgent need to transition to sustainable energy sources. The carbon emissions and dependence on conventional petroleum fuels have become a major issue for us. Among them, the current automotive system architecture, which is dominated by the internal combustion engine, has been greatly challenged. While some are cheering for the full-scale electrification of the automotive industry, an emerging technology solution is receiving increasing attention and interest, E-Fuels (electronic fuels). This article will introduce the concept of E-Fuels, the manufacturing process and their application in the transportation and aviation industries, while exploring their advantages, challenges and prospects.

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COVID-19 in Japan:Update 1

More than 1000 passengers including foreign passengers in Diamond Princess Cruise Ship were released after their tests shown negative by last Friday. However, one woman’s test became positive on 22nd, Feb soon. This woman and her husband went back home on 19th, Feb. She had a fever of about 38.7 degrees from the 21st, Feb night. Pneumonia symptoms and virus test positive were confirmed on 22nd, Feb. [1]

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N-Nose for Cancer Screen

Fig.1 All Cancers (C00-C97 Excl. C44), Average Number of New Cases per Year and Age-Specific Incidence Rates per 100,000 Population, UK, 2014-2016[1]

Cancer is a severe disease. People have a great chance to get cancer as age growth. Age positively impact on the cancer cases. According to the study of the average number of new cases per year and age-specific incidence rates in the UK from 2014-2016 (Fig.1), adults aged 50+ account for nearly 89% of all new cancer cases. People aged <50 account for about 10% of all new cancer cases in the UK(2014-2016).  The number of cancer cases is primarily distributed in adults aged 50+, which is almost nine times than people aged less than 50 cancer cases. Therefore, cancer shows correlated with age.

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2019, A Start of a New Era

We still have half a month that 2019 will be over. A lot of things happened this year.

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Robot taxi Start-up Zoox Raises $200M

Zoox has raised $200 million as part of Series C at the end of October according to Robotreport.[1] We didn’t find an update in Zoox homepage. Zoo x is keeping quiet as usual.

In August 2018, Zoox raised $500 million. One month later, Zoox board fired their co-funder and CEO Kentley-Klay. Kentley-Klay confirmed the information in his tweet account. He said Zoox’s board fired him “without a warning, cause or right of reply. ” Bloomberg reported Kentley-klay’s leave via an unnamed source. [2] However, Zoox kept silent, neither replying a comment nor issuing a statement.

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Japan Consumption tax is 10% now

The consumption tax rate increased to 10% from 1st Oct 2019 as Japan tries to cover the cost of social security.

Consumption tax rate incensement is not fresh news. In 2012, the Japan government already had an agreement in the major parties that take two steps to achieve a 10% consumption tax rate incensement. They raised the consumption tax rate from 5% to 8% in 2014 as the first step. It takes another 5 years to prepare the 10% tax increment.

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Anthony Levandowski, An Engineer in the Storm

Anthony Levandowski, a former Google engineer and one of the founding members of Google’s self-driving car project known as Waymo, was charged with theft of trade secrets as working at Google, announced United States Attorney David L. Anderson and Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge John F. Bennett. The indictment was unsealed on Aug 26th, 2019.

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