Halloween in Shibuya

Halloween is a big party in Shibuya, Tokyo. Shibuya scramble crossing outside the Shibuya Station is a famous spot. A lot local resident and foreigners come to join the celebration and have fun. Before Oct, 31st, almost every night police have to control the crowd and close the traffic in the area.

However, it became a little out of control this year. A small truck was overturned on Oct 27th night. No one was injured in this case. According to the footage, several young people jumped into the truck and dance, then they just overturned the truck.

The police would investigate as property destruction. On Oct, 31st, 13 people were arrested for sexual harassment, assault police and other criminals. Some people may think it’s not serious as some events out of Japan. But it’s a big news for Japanese people since this had already affected their normal life and business in Shibuya area. Shibuya Center Gai Promotion association President Toshiyuki Ono even said,


“No, it’s not Halloween anymore. It’s just a metamorphosis costume matrix.”

People want an event but not a disturbance. The local restaurant can’t get benefit from the Halloween but the burden. People leave massive garbage and wasted costumes. Some stores even close earlier than usually they did since they worry about the damages caused by some accidents.

Local government is considering attaining fee and hold the event in Yoyogi Park as countermeasures next year.

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