hot Summer x unusual Typhoon

Typhoon Jongdari 201812 track

Summer is a fireworks season in Japan. Tokyo usually will hold nearly 100 fireworks festivals from July to August. Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival is one of the most famous shows in Tokyo. It launched about 20,000 fireworks. Approx. 1 million people enjoyed this show. However, it almost ruined by the typhoon Jongdari last week. Jongdari craved an unusual counter-clockwise trajectory. It moved from the southeast to the west of Japan and hit Japan twice. Then, Jongdari went to China and made landfall over Shanghai.

Although typhoon is a bad weather for the fireworks festival, it helps Tokyo finally cool down for a week. Tokyo was extremely hot in the last several weeks. The average temperature of the middle of July in the Kanto area is 4.1 °C above the average for the time of year. The high temperatures, combined with high humidity, is very dangerous. High humidity makes 35 °C feels like more than 40°C.

The heatwave is not only hit Japan but also crosses over Europe. It is a deadly and hot summer across the Northern Hemisphere. The highest temperature ever recorded in Europe, 48°C in Athens in 1977, is expected to be renewed this weekend. [1] Even above the Arctic Circle, Sweden records above 32°C making the region’s brush and forests highly flammable. Forest fires swept across the country. [2] Greece also suffered the worst wildfires near the capital Athens in a decade. [3]

Climate change is going on and extreme weather happens more. At least this summer, the influence of climate change can be felt exactly. It’s no longer subtle.

[1] Europe’s record temperature of 48C could be beaten this weekend 
[2] EU nations help Sweden as wildfires rage above Arctic Circle 
[3] Record-breaking summer marches on to the beat of climate change

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