Trade War: An Eye for An Eye and A Tooth for A Tooth

On Jul 6th Friday, a U.S. cargo ship, Peak Pegasus carrying 70K tonnes soybean got the attention of China’s social media when it’s steaming toward Dalian at full speed. It is expected to arrive in Dalian on Friday morning before China impose 25% tariffs on imports from the U.S. Peak Pegasus could avoid a 25% tax, around $6 million, if it rushed to complete customs declaration before July 6.

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Battery War, A New Red Sea

The end of oil age is happening very quickly. Major European and Asian countries are racing to phase out gasoline and diesel cars. The U.K said in July that it would ban sales of new internal combust engine cars by 2040. France government also said that it wants to end sales of gas and diesel-powered vehicles by 2040. Norway had planned a clear target that all new passenger cars sold in 2025 should be zero-emission vehicles. Although it still has a great uncertainty that electrical vehicles replace internal combust engine cars by 2040, the tread and idea of EVs which become clearer and more popular.

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Safety is First

SAE Automation levels via DoT report

Safety is a key topic for self-driving vehicles. 94% of U.S. crashes involve human error [1]. 37,461 deaths in the road accident in the U.S. in 2016 [2]. People believe self-driving car technology can help reduce the road accidents and save millions of lives per year worldwide. However, self-driving technology is still in developing phase. It has limitation and could not be as perfect as people wish. Continue reading “Safety is First”

How to get the International Driving Permit in Tokyo

International Driving Permit (IDP) is required if you want to drive a vehicle in most European countries. An IDP is basically an official, multi-language translation of driving license. It’s valid for one year. Also, IDP is valid in nearly 140 countries [1].

There are several places where you can get the IDP in Tokyo. Such as Driver’s License Center, Driver’s License Renewal Center and designated police station [2]. Continue reading “How to get the International Driving Permit in Tokyo”

Xiaomi’s Great Effort Before IPO

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition via The Verge

Xiaomi is seeking IPO in Hongkong around July. Xiaomi hopes to raise at least $10 billion at a valuation of $100 billion. But its valuation is questioned by investors. The valuation would be more likely to start around $60 billion to $70 billion[1]. On Thursday, Xiaomi announced some products update including software and hardware, in order to show its chance to sustain its target valuation. Continue reading “Xiaomi’s Great Effort Before IPO”

Aptiv Bet on Autonomous Driving

Aptiv prototype car in CES 2018 via Aptiv

Aptiv is a new name for many people, but Delphi is different. On Dec 5th, 2017, Delphi spun off its powertrain business and reappeared with its new brand name, Aptiv, which is focused on electrification and autonomy. Soon, Aptiv and Lyft had a cooperation and provided automated driving taxi service at Las Vegas in CES 2018. The self-driving route in Las Vegas was fixed and developed by Aptiv in 2017, including cities street and highways. CES 2018 was the first show of Aptiv after changing its name from Delphi.

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Google Duplex: An Amazing AI System

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO announce the most important google product update at Google I/O 2018, including Android P and google application sets. Gmail gets the smart compose to help us write messages faster. Google Lens has the ability to match the object style. Google News now understand the full story of the news and support the news sources you love. But the most stunning part in the first-day keynote is a Google Assistant demo.

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Write again

It’s been a long time to write a blog, especially using English.

There are so many interesting things every day. I hope writing a blog can help my bad memory.  The main language will be English, but Chinese is also alternative.

Building a blog by WordPress becomes such an easy thing now. I took nearly 1 hour to find a suitable and affordable domain, but installing WordPress just used less than 10 mins. It’s very impressive.

This is will be a two-year project. I’ll try to update at least one blog every week.
See ya!