CEATEC was held from October 16th to 19th this year. AI, IoT, and 5G are the main topics for the exhibition. We can find electronic components and solution suppliers like muRata, ROHM, and TDK. ICT solution players like NTT, Fujitsu and NEC. But we can also find some unusual exhibitors this time, like NEXCO, JTB, and Lawson.

NTT group shown a transparent display porotype device, CUzo,[1] which aim to support tourists and display real time data. It aims to release on 2020 Tokyo Olympic. CUzo also has the translation function. From the demo, it looks like just using the google translation without typing. NTT group also has their own translation platform, it’s possible that they use theirs in the future. These functions are also achieved in smartphone nowadays. Transparent display devices will provide a new user interface in the future.

NTT usually don’t develop hardware by themselves. This transparent display is expected from Japan Display Inc.[2]

muRata had a demo with Origin Wireless to show the possibility of radio sensing by existing Wi-Fi technology. When a radio wave is emitted from a Wi-Fi point, radio wave reflection occurs in the space. If there is a change of the reflection time, it means some physical object movement events have occurred. Origin Wireless called their algorithm as “Time Reversal Machine” technology. It can have a wide range of applications including watch-over service, security system and indoor position system. It provides the accuracy in 1~2 cm. Without any calibration, it also can achieve 10~20cm. Before the CEATEC, Origin Wireless secures $10.5 in Series B financing. muRata also had additional participation in this financing. [3]

TDK introduced their energy harvesting solution using solid-state battery. All-ceramic solid-state battery, CeraCharge, was developed in Nov 2017. [4] It has a compact SMD package, 4.5×3.2×1.1 mm and offers 100 µAh at a rated voltage of 1.4 V. It is up to 1000 recharging cycles. It has potential in IoT and wearables applications. Without doubt, it can also expand to the electric vehicle in the future. Battery lifetime and charging time are the same topics for all companies.

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[4] CeraCharge™ – first rechargeable solid-state SMD battery

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